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Mama Rose is a distinguished Voodoo priestess, bringing her expertise in the syncretic religion of Voodoo to help individuals seeking love, prosperity, and spiritual cleansing. Her phone number is (504)919-0297 and website is

In the realm of magic and spell, Mama Rose brings her expertise in Voodoo for love spells, business and spiritual cleanses. She is dedicated to connecting people with the energies and spirits of Voodoo to bring love, prosperity, and cleansing into their lives.

Voodoo is confined to Haiti, and its influence extends to various parts of the world, including the Dominican Republic, eastern Cuba, some minor islands of the Bahamas, the United States, and wherever there is a Haitian diaspora.

Moreover, Voodoo, rooted in the Caribbean nation of Haiti, is a unique blend of West African traditions, Arawakian beliefs, and Roman Catholic Christianity. It is a religion with a rich history that dates back to the days of African slavery in the Americas.

Mama Rose's commitment to Voodoo and her desire to share its benefits with a wider audience has led her to offer specialized services that cater for the common needs of individuals in the realm.

In addition, In the realm of love, Mama Rose taps into the powerful energies of the Lwa to help individuals find love, strengthen existing relationships, and remove obstacles that may be hindering their romantic lives. Her rituals and guidance are designed to align personal energies with the universal forces of love, creating a harmonious and positive environment for matters of the heart.

For those seeking financial success and prosperity, Mama Rose's Voodoo services provide a unique approach. She offers rituals and guidance to improve one's financial situation and attract opportunities for success in business and career by connecting with the Lwa associated with abundance and financial well-being.

Including more, Mama Rose uses her expertise in Voodoo to perform cleansings that remove negative energy, ward off evil influences, and purify the spirit. These cleansing rituals can help individuals feel refreshed, revitalized, and ready to embrace positive changes in their lives.

Furthermore, Mama Rose's services offer a unique and empowering approach to improving one's life, relationships, and spiritual well-being. Her deep-rooted knowledge and experience in Voodoo set her apart as a genuine spiritual leader, and her commitment to helping others shines through in every ritual and guidance session as well.

About Mama Rose:

Marjorie Rose Fabien recognized as Mama Rose, is a distinguished Voodoo priestess with decades of experience in the practice of Voodoo. She began her spiritual journey as a practitioner of Voodoo at the age of 17. Over the years, she honed her skills and built a reputation for her specialities in love, protection, business, and cleansing. Her dedication and knowledge have made her a respected figure in the field, and in 2010, she gained national exposure as well.

Additionally, she specializes in providing spiritual guidance and services for love, prosperity, and cleansing. Mama Rose has gained national recognition for her expertise and remains a prominent figure in the Voodoo community in the United States.

Mama Rose

Phone: 504-919-0297



Source published by Submit Press Release >> Mama Rose, the Esteemed Voodoo Priestess, Gains National Recognition for Her Spiritual Expertise

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