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Dr. Rainer Zitelmann on The Bart Show

In a newly released episode of The Bart Show, Dr. Rainer Zitelmann and host Bart Baggett discuss the extensive research and books Dr. Zitelmann has written about the wealthy elite, defending capitalism, and the issues that can arise from having a victim mentality.

The funny and playful Dr. Rainer Zitelmann explains what he sees as the ugly truth about socialism and what truly motivates humans to be wealthy. His research exposes the truth about which countries care about money and why some people never get rich.

With a dash of wit and a pinch of sarcasm, Dr. Zitelmann fearlessly challenges the prevailing notion that rich individuals amass their fortunes by greedily plundering from the poor. The conversation is an enlightening journey which shatters the fallacy of this zero-sum thinking, revealing the true dynamics of wealth creation.

Bart Baggett and Dr. Rainer Zitelmann discuss:

  • Which countries value success, money and wealth the most

  • Why socialists believe that the only way to get rich is to take from the poor

  • How China's history proves that wealth acquisition is not a zero sum game

  • How having a victim mentality holds people back from achieving wealth and success

  • How having money creates freedom

  • How billionaires and the wealthy elite think differently from others

  • Why it is important to take responsibility for both your success and your failures

  • How to gain wealth by swimming against the tide

Podcast Quotes:

  • "Status is incredibly important in those countries...You had an article or video about status and how some countries really value success and money more than other countries." (1:20-1:35 | Bart Baggett)

  • "On New Year's in China, you say, 'I wish you a lot of money.'...Would you say that in the U.S.? I don't think so." (3:13-3:24 | Dr. Rainer Zitelmann and Bart Baggett)

  • "Leftists believe in zero sum thinking. They believe that rich people become only rich by taking away from the poor. But this is crazy." (5:00-5:09 | Dr. Rainer Zitelmann)

  • "What's your excuse? Where is it? I don't see. You have two arms. You have two legs. You're not blind." (9:11-9:16 | Dr. Rainer Zitelmann)

  • "In Germany, we say, 'Money alone doesn't make you happy. Do you say this?' We say it, but not enough people say it because they think that money equals happiness. They forget that money buys opportunity and relationships and things." (13:35-13:48 | Dr. Rainer Zitelmann and Bart Baggett)

  • "I was in Argentina, at a lecture for young people. And there are so many people in Argentina who believe the state should do everything for them...As you can attest, this is how everything works in life. It's on you." (15:32-16:19 | Dr. Rainer Zitelmann)

About Dr. Rainer Zitelmann:

Rainer Zitelmann, Ph.D. is a German historian, sociologist, businessman, and world-renowned author. He has written a total of 27 books including his most recent publication, "In Defense of Capitalism: Debunking the Myths". Dr. Zitelmann built his own wealth through successful real estate investing and entrepreneurial endeavors.

To learn more about Dr. Rainer Zitelmann, visit his website (Rainer Zitelmann) and check out his most recent book, In Defense of Capitalism.

About Bart Baggett:
For the past decade Bart Baggett has been known as one of the worlds' top forensic handwriting experts, an internationally acclaimed speaker and author, and a highly regarded TV legal consultant & expert witness.

His personal development books like The Magic Question and Success Secrets of the Rich and Happy are still in print and distributed worldwide. In his spare time,Bart scuba dives with stingrays, does stand-up comedy & even has appeared in 16 feature films. 

To learn more about Bart Baggett visit his website (Bart Baggett).

About The Bart Show:

New podcast weblog The Bart Show is a weekly podcast that brings you the world's most interesting people. Hosted by author and world-famous handwriting expert Bart Baggett, each week he takes a look into the minds of some of the funniest, brightest, and even the strangest people you would never meet on your own.

If words like honesty, playfulness, success, authenticity, fun, and freedom resonate with you... The Bart Show will quickly become your favorite podcast. It's a comedy show infused with personal development and psychology.

Listen to, or watch, the full podcast interview by Bart Baggett with Dr. Rainer Zitelmann on your preferred podcast channel.

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