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Robots will Replace 800 Million Workers by 2030
04 Dec 2017, 21:09 GMT+10

Automation will take up the work of up to 800 million workers worldwide by the year 2030, McKinsey analysts say - a global leader in management consultancy. They have studied 800 professions in 46 countries. This is a forecast according to the fastest pace of automation.

Machines will replace people primarily in richer countries, the survey found. In poorer countries less money is invested in automation, which means they will be affected much more slowly.

Despite the robot-bartender from the Japanese exhibition this year, it will be one of the more secure professions - because it requires active communication with people. Doctors, lawyers and teachers will also keep their jobs for this reason, although it is very likely that service staff in these areas will be out of work.

Also protected are the lowest paid professions - gardeners, plumbers, cleaners and the like.

Very vulnerable to automation will be mortgage brokers and accountants. And also office assistants, factory workers. We are currently developing both software packages with artificial intelligence that make much of their work much faster and new hardware that is often able to replace them completely.

In the US, robots will take up between 39 and 73 million jobs in the next 13 years, in the UK - about 6.5 million. However, according to analysts, many of the affected workers can easily be moved within the same industry or transferred to another. Of course, if governments are preparing and taking the necessary re-qualification measures. Otherwise, we expect mass unemployment in the strongest economies.

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